Americans to get one-time direct payment worth $1,000 for five months under proposed plan – see if you qualify

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A NEW bill to give homeless Californians who just finished high school a guaranteed income is advancing in the California state legislature.

SB333 would create a basic income pilot program that would provide homeless recent high school graduates five months of no strings attached payments.

Recent high school grads in California may be getting a boost

The program, titled Success, Opportunity, & Academic Resilience (SOAR) would give eligible recipients $1,000 a month to spend as they see fit.

The bill is sponsored by state senator Dave Cortese of San Jose.

“Let’s break the cycle of poverty with guaranteed income for those few crucial months when young people have the energy, optimism, and passion to get into a good college or career,” Cortese said of the bill.

SB333 was recently advanced by the State Senate and now goes on to the State Assembly where it will be evaluated in policy committees.

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If passed by the Senate and House, the bill would still need to be signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsome for the program to become a reality.

Cortese did not specify how many recent graduates would be impacted by the legislation, but approximately 270,000 California students experience homelessness at one point according to a press release from his office.


While the California payments still have a ways to go, New Mexico recently announced when most state taxpayers will receive a long-awaited rebate.

The state will start sending income tax rebates between $500-$1,000 on June 16.

The $673million payments were approved by the state legislature and signed into law.

Solo filers will receive $500 while joint filers get $1,000.

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There aren’t income caps attached to this rebate.

The Minnesota state legislature recently passed a bill approving rebates between $260 and $1300.

Solo filers would be eligible for $260 while families can claim $260 for up to three dependents.

Unlike New Mexico’s rebate, the Minnesota payment has income caps.

Solo filers must make less than $75,000 while joint filers and families must make less than $150,000.

The rebates still need to be signed into law by Governor Tim Waltz before being distributed.

And Social Security recipients with birthdays between the 21st and 31st of the month just received their payments for May.

Yet, SSI beneficiaries have to wait until June 1 to get their next payment.

Source: The US Sun