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Witch Doctor Agents Arrested at Mbarara Hospital for Interfering with Patient Care

Suspects covering their faces

Five women linked to self-proclaimed witch doctors were arrested today at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH) for coercing patients to abandon modern medicine in favor of traditional healing.

The suspects, including Agnes Asiimwe from Kabale, Rosemary Ayebare and Elizabeth Akantuma from Mbarara, Loyce Akatukunda, and Sharon Atuhaire from Mitooma, were apprehended by detectives led by Swizen Tibesigwa, the head of operations at Mbarara Central Police Station.

The arrest came after a caretaker, Evelyn Kansiime, reported that the suspects were interfering with a patient’s treatment plan. The hospital security initiated the operation, which led to the arrest of the five women.

The accused are said to have been promoting a hoax narrative about a powerful witch doctor in Karooza, Mitooma, who allegedly possesses extraordinary powers, including making mountains fight.

The hospital administration, led by Deputy Director Dr. Oriokot Francis, held an emergency meeting and condemned the actions of the suspects, citing the recent incident and the devastating impact of witch doctors on the healthcare system.

Halson Kagure, the Mbarara Referral Hospital’s Public Relations Officer, expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of witch doctors, questioning why they operate in secrecy if their methods are credible. “As an administration, we vehemently condemn such people who play on the lives of patients to earn a living. If witch doctors were qualified enough to manage patients, why are they operating in the dark?” Kagure said.

Drama ensued as the suspects were led to the waiting pickup and driven off to Mbarara Central Police Station for further interrogation.

The hospital administration has vowed to intensify efforts to combat this vice and continue to educate the public on the benefits of seeking medical treatment. Recently, Dr. Deus Twesigye, Acting Hospital Director, warned patients to be cautious and announced measures to combat fraud and illegal activities in the hospital.

It is remembered that a few months ago, a 19-year-old girl, Shirat Namatongo, was caught red-handed, donned in a clinical coat, defrauding patients. She was actually the girlfriend of a Mbarara University medical student, and the duo was also detained and released on bond.


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