I’m a maid of honour and can’t cope with bridezilla pal – it’s like a full-time job, she treats me like her chauffeur

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AS far as friendships go, there’s no bigger honour than being asked to be a part of your pal’s wedding.

And if you bag the maid of honour role, you’re the one person – apart from the groom – she can’t imagine doing her special day without.


A maid of honour is struggling with the demands of the bride (stock image)[/caption]

But one chief bridesmaid has been struggling to keep up with her bridezilla friend’s demands.

She said she’s faced “enormous pressure” in the role and the wedding is taking over her life.

And despite even taking on role as chauffeur for appointments, the MOH said she is still “guilt tripped” if she doesn’t respond quickly enough to texts about the big day.

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Posting on social media, she said: “Possibly a bit of a controversial one but does anyone feel like being a bridesmaid (MOH) is an enormous pressure?

“I work a nightshift job and I miss a lot of messages during the day in the various wedding group chats.

“So after my stint of four shifts and when I’m getting round to catching up on messages, I’m being met with quite passive messages.

“Almost trying to guilt trip me for not being more present.

“I understand that planning a wedding is no walk in the park, and I do my very best to help my friend, including driving us around to wedding appointments etc as bride doesn’t drive.

“But I feel like it’s taken over absolutely every conversation and interaction I have with her and that I’m almost losing one of my best friends because I can’t be available during the day to chat every day?”

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It’s not the first time a friendship has become strained due to a wedding.

A bride claimed her “jealous” maid of honour sabotaged her wedding.

When it came to planning her wedding, she said it was a no-brainer that her best friend of 12 years was going to be her chief bridesmaid.

And as a professional photographer, she had agreed to take photos of the big day too.

But the bride revealed: “Every single picture, all 300+ of them, are blurry and unrecognisable.

“She brushed it off [by saying]: ‘Sorry, I just move too much, I’m a very active photographer, you don’t really need pictured anyway.’

“All we have are six pictures taken from my father’s phone.”

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Unsurprisingly, the bride has been left devastated by her friend’s behaviour.

She added: “A relative told me she subconciously sabotaged me and she’s not even sorry for anything because she doesn’t want anyone to be happy. All of her friends are single.”

Source: The US Sun