Jeopardy!’s furious fans want to ‘stick remote control’ in their eye over Mayim Bialik’s ‘game-impacting’ host habit

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JEOPARDY! critics have harshly compared Mayim Bialik’s “slow” hosting pace to Ken Jennings now that Ken’s thrilling Masters special has concluded.

The fact that Ken won’t be on-screen for “almost the entire summer” dawned on unsubtle fans during Thursday’s episode with the actress.


Mayim Bialik hosted the first nightly episode after Jeopardy! Masters ended to harsh reviews[/caption]


One fan wrote: ‘What is there to watch now?’ and another: ‘If Mayim doesn’t stop hesitating I’m going to stick my remote control right through my eye’[/caption]

Megan Braught, a library assistant from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania faced Jesse Chin, an accounting director from Bayside, New York and Ed Petersen, a planning technician from Orlando, Florida with a 1-day total of $7,999 on Thursday.

Ed beat Lynn Di Vito, the contestant who technically won out after a controversial ruling ended Ben Chan’s 8-day streak.

Jesse took a small lead over Ed with a correct response on the third Daily Double and going into Final Jeopardy!, held on with $14,800.

Ed had $12,400 and Megan had $6,200.


Final Jeopardy! under “ASIA” read: “Trained as an engineer, Premier Li Peng championed this in 1992; it would ultimately displace over a million people.”

Everyone was correct with “What is ‘Three Gorges Dam.’”

Jesse added $10,001 to win $24,801 and become a one-day winner, looking thrilled.

Mayim concluded the show by saying: “Well that’s Thursday, let’s see what happens Friday. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

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Without someone to really root for and without Ken hosting either Masters or the regular show for the foreseeable future, fans’ heads hung low.

One fan wrote to Twitter: “Well, it is a sad day that we won’t be seeing Ken again until the last week of the 39th season.”

“So, most of which is gonna be Mayim Bialik for almost the entire summer.

“But at least we’re approaching Jeopardy’s 40th season very soon. So, that’s good news!

Another person wrote: “Watching Mayim vs. Ken hosting Jeopardy is night and day.

“Ken is quick, no hesitation, seems genuine. Mayim is stilted, seems to pause for clarification on answers, and her banter seems forced.

“Make Ken the permanent and only host!”

A third wrote: “@Jeopardy I’m not looking to whine but tonight’s match is one of the slowest I’ve ever watched.”

“And Mayim has to get quicker on her confirmations.”

A fourth wrote: “I’m a huge fan, but… Didn’t want @Jeopardy Masters to end..I loved every minute of it. Too bad Mayim is still hosting regular Jeopardy. Will watch again when Ken returns.

A fifth wrote: “Watching Jeopardy and Jeopardy Masters really highlights the stark difference in hosting between Ken and Mayim.

“With Ken, it is so smooth and there are no awkward pauses. He relates to the contestants.

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“Mayim still struggles with the pauses and just seems uncomfortable.

I’m sure it’s been said a tremendous amount of times, but if Mayim Bialik doesn’t stop hesitating when answering the questions on Jeopardy, I’m going to stick my remote control right through my eye.”

“What is there to watch now that Master’s is over? Nothing is more fun and interesting than those players.”


Ken, 48, wrapped the thrilling Jeopardy! Masters special which was won by James Holzhauer, underdog Mattea Roach, 24, coming in a close second on Wednesday.

After three weeks of on-stage hugs, hilarious Q&A banter, and Ken in his element with the super-champs, of which he is one, it’s all over.

Now, all that’s left until next season is regular episodes, and Mayim, 47.

Ken’s co-successor to Alex Trebek, is finishing out the regular season until the summer.

Ken won’t be seen until the 2023 Tournament of Champions which will kick off Season 40 in September.

That is, barring the last week of Season 39 which he is subbing back in to host as Mayim is supporting the WGA writers’ strike.


Michael Davies, Jeopardy!’s experimental new executive producer who created Masters selected Ken and Mayim as the next hosts in 2022.

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As Davies ushers the game show into its super-champ era, he’s also urging fans to have patience host-wise.

“When Ken is hosting and Mayim is hosting, there’s zero difference [in ratings],” the new EP told Vulture.

“It’s exactly the same [viewership] and that’s the broadest part of the audience.”

“This show is so hard to host. I wish many of our fans were more patient in understanding that we’re dealing with two hosts. Mayim is a very experienced actress. Ken is a very experienced Jeopardy! player.

“They’re both at the beginning of their hosting careers. I back them both.”

Source: The US Sun