Kim Kardashian’s daughter North, 9, gives sister Chicago, 5, an adorable hair tutorial inside mom’s closet in new TikTok

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KIM Kardashian’s daughter North has shared her bond with her little sister Chicago in a sweet new video.

The nine-year-old posted the TikTok on Tuesday on the joint account she shares with her mother.


Kim Kardashian’s daughter North and Chicago appeared in an adorable new TikTok[/caption]

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North gave her sister a hair tutorial in the clip as they styled each other’s edges[/caption]


Kim often appears in TikTok videos with her eldest child, North[/caption]

In the clip, North guided her five-year-old sister in a hair tutorial while inside their mother’s closet.

Kim and Kanye West‘s eldest child began the video by asking Chicago, “what are we doing today?”

The tot excitingly replied: “I’m going to do your edges!”

North repeated her sister’s statement before gathering the supplies.

The siblings then had an adorable exchange with North teaching Chicago the order to apply the hair products.

Chicago looked very interested in the process and started styling her big sister’s edges first.

North encouraged the youngster as she combed the edges of her hair with the edge brush.

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At one point, North asked Chicago if she was “going to be a hair person” when she grows up, to which she confidently replied: “Yes, I’m going to do people’s hair.”

Soon after, the girls traded spots, and North styled Chicago’s edges as the little one sat patiently in the chair.

The duo then admired their work in the mirror, with Chicago enthusiastically saying, “I love it!”

The video concluded with the pair giving an adorable signoff, giggling at the camera, and Chicago dubbing the page as “her channel.”


North regularly posts TikToks with her famous mom and her siblings.

Kim, 42, recently appeared in numerous videos with her daughter, where the pair showed off their impressive footwork and some other silly dance moves.

North also turned the camera just on Chicago in another video of the little one making a smoothie.

Fans were nervous watching the clip as Chicago attempted to make the drink using a dangerous appliance.

She concocted the beverage using a blender and even fell off the stool she was standing on at one point.

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The young child appeared to be okay as she popped right back up and continued putting ingredients in the bowl.


That same night, the duo appeared in a video with their younger brother, Psalm.

North posted a wild TikTok of the trio making a mess in Kim’s spotless kitchen inside their $60million Hidden Hills home.

North started the video by standing in front of the camera with Chicago and three-year-old Psalm.

The preteen then helped her siblings pour ice cream, milk, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream into the glasses.

Things turned when North squirted the whipped cream in Chicago’s mouth.

They cackled as the cream exploded into the air, going all over the laughing tot’s face and top.

North tried to aim the canister in Psalm’s mouth, but he recoiled, prompting his sister to ask: “Why are you scared?”

The trio finished off their milkshakes with extra chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles.

Chicago and Psalm sang, “Rainbow sprinkles, rainbow!” as North danced wildly in the background.

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The siblings also have a seven-year-old brother, Saint, though he didn’t participate in the videos.


Kim recently showed off her impressive footwork with her daughter in a TikTok[/caption]


Kim is also a mom to sons Saint and Psalm, who she shares with her ex-Kanye West[/caption]

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