Kroger says sorry as grocery chain confirms it has discontinued its ‘finest work’, leaving customers ‘insulted’

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KROGER has apologized after confirming it has discontinued a beloved product.

The major retailer announced it had stopped selling a popular type of barbecue sauce, leaving customers bemused.


Kroger left shoppers ‘insulted’ after discontinuing a popular product[/caption]


The retailer revealed that it had shelved Private Selection’s hot pineapple ginger and rum barbecue sauce because of poor sales[/caption]

Sandy (@sandygriffins) described Private Selection’s hot pineapple ginger and rum sauce as one of the “finest works.”

She said it was an “insult” that Kroger had discontinued the product.

Kroger apologized to Sandy before explaining why the item was axed.

They said: “This decision was made due to poor sales within the division.”

The barbecue sauce cannot be purchased on the retailer’s website.

But, shoppers can pick up a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s original barbecue sauce for $2.49.

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Shoppers can score a saving as there is a buy one get one free offer on the product.

Kroger’s “honey-sweet” barbecue sauce costs less than $1.50, while Rib Rack’s original BBQ sauce will set shoppers back $4.29.

The grocery chain has also stopped selling bags of Private Selection Sweet Southern Heat barbecue chips.

Customers were left infuriated when the retailer shared the news.

The decision came to light when one shopper on Twitter, known as Renee (@renee41961), said her family could not find the snack at a Kroger store in White House, Tennessee.

Renee claimed the chips were “the best” on the market.

Fellow Kroger shopper Mercedes (@mcleaver06) claimed she needed the snack.

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She raged: “I’ve had to buy bags at a time because my children steal mine. Of course, something I love so much would disappear.”

Kroger hasn’t just discontinued products from the Private Selection range, the retailer has axed other popular treats.

The supermarket giant recently discontinued its store-brand lactose-free chocolate milk.

It has stopped selling a type of grapefruit juice, which led to some customers threatening to shop at rivals such as Walmart.

Kroger came under fire when it announced it confirmed its buffalo ranch popcorn had been discontinued.

The retailer said the decision was made due to poor sales, but the explanation provided little consolation for heartbroken shoppers.

One customer even urged Kroger to “think of the children” following the decision.

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Kroger has also stopped selling its popular stuffed buffalo-style chicken bites.

Source: The US Sun