Major news for diners as popular restaurant and its rival announce new locations – see where

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TWO popular rival restaurants have announced they’re opening new locations – both located in the same city.

Webster, Texas, will be the new locale for the chains, which are known on a national level for their burgers, fries, and shakes. 


Two competing restaurants are opening up in the same city[/caption]


The two fast food chains are the most famous of their kind, having many fans of their burgers, shakes, and fries[/caption]

The Houston Chronicle reports that both Shake Shack and In-N-Out would be opening restaurants in the area.

The Shake Shack location is scheduled to open by the fourth quarter of the year, marking the chain’s sixth restaurant in Houston. 

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In the case of In-N-Out, the location is in its first stages of construction, with these normally taking up to nine months. 

This marks the chain’s fifth location in the Houston area. 

While Shake Shack started off in New York, the franchise has expanded to various locations that cover the entire country, including the east, south, west, and middle-America. 

It has also expanded to countries outside of the U.S., something that In-N-Out is not interested in doing. 

Shake Shack started off as a hot dog cart in New York City, later expanding its food options.

20 years after its inception, Shake Shack has grown into a global business. 

In-N-Out is the more exclusive of the two, using that to its advantage. 

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Locations are mostly spread out over the west coast of the country, having most restaurants located in Los Angeles, where it kicked off. 

It appears like the restaurant won’t cross over into the east side of the country, retaining that location that has worked so well to its advantage. 

In-N-Out started off as a drive-thru hamburger stand. It’s now one of the most popular restaurants and fast food places in Los Angeles. 

Food lovers often pit the two restaurants against each other, with one representing the east and the other the west.

Texas appears to be one of the few states that has options for all.

Source: The US Sun