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Kasese Hotel Owners & Managers Trained Ahead of The Rwenzori Theluji Festival

The hotel and hospitality industry has been nimble in reacting to outside pressures to get its financial performance back on track. But more challenges lie ahead, and the industry will need even more creativity to continue its recovery. Quality assurance remains a point of focus as Kasese district is set to host the Rwenzori Theluji Festival.

Kasese District Local Government is one the hosts of the Rwenzori Theluji Festival. As a result of several interactions between the district and organizers of the Festival, the Kasese District promised to support the Festival in many ways and now is delivering.
On the 16th June 2023, hotel owners and managers participated in Quality Control in Hotels and Hospitality Sector ahead of Rwenzori Theluji Festival that will happen in September 2023; because of the significant role of this sector at the international level of Tourism and Hotel Management.
The training provided participants with a solid foundation of all the core elements of hotel quality improvement and how to prepare for the next big thing in Kasese. ” *_THE RWENZORI THELUJI FESTIVAL”._*
The training involved quality control managers, supervisors, managers, heads of departments, team managers, staff, and others who perform related functions.
The training methodology combined lectures, discussions, group exercises, and illustrations. Participants gained both theoretical and practical knowledge of the topics.
 The emphasis was put on the practical application of the topics, and as a result, participants will go back to the workplace with both the ability and the confidence to apply the techniques learned to their duties.
As Rwenzori Theluji Festival preparations gear up, the local community has to understand that event tourism is hugely beneficial to the tourism industry because it brings in money!
Rwenzori Theluji Festival will attract people and people spend money – people need a place to stay and somewhere to eat.
The preparations for the festival have been boosted by different stakeholders. The recent activities include two stakeholders meetings held both in Kasese and Kampala; Tour guides training at Celak College; while the Business and community leaders also participated in the 4 day Rwenzori waterfall experience at Rwenzori Mountains National Park with support from Rwenzori Trekking Services, among others.
The Chairman LCV representative Mr. Monday Gerevazi who doubles as the Secretary for Social Services at District Executive Committee made the following further  pledges and commitments to support the tourism and hospitality sector.
1. The tourism plan will be passed in November  2023 by the district council
2. The district council is set to have a bench marking trip for the council and selected tourism stakeholders to inform the passing of the tourism plan scheduled for November 2023
3. The district will increase the tourism budget in the next financial year to at least UGX 50 Million shillings
4. The district will provide land for the development of the sports academy to support the community biodiversity run  and the Rwenzori Marathon under the Rwenzori Theluji Festival
5. The district will implement labor laws and provide more by laws to support human resources in tourism sector.
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Kameli Zepha Bwambale
Kameli Zephaniah Bwambale (Uganda) is an African Business and Community Leader, Writer and Business Development Professional working to transform Africa through Business and Community Leadership. He is the National & Global Coordinator at Shirikisha Civic Organization of East Africa-SCOEA Secretary to the Board and Managing Director at Musingika Tourism Company Limited (Uganda's Youngest CEO of the Year 2022 and Top20 Tourism Writer of Year 2022) He has worked as a Business Trainer, Consultant and Business coach at Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA) and Rwenzori Albertine Regional Trade Association (RARTA) He is a graduate of the University of Georgia, USA), the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (UK) and Kabale University (Uganda) He is a Board Member at YOPSA Financial Services Ltd, Kasese Tourism Investor's Forum , Kalu Mart Health Centre and Green Girls and Women Conservation Program-Uganda He is an alumnus YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa at Kenyatta University and participant United Nations Global Compact pursuing tourism, climate change, environmental conservation, Civic engagement, financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship agenda for transforming Africa.



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