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Kasese Tourism Stakeholders Pledge Support To The Upcoming Rwenzori Theluji Festival


Kasese based tourism stakeholders were yesterday 27th May 2023, engaged in a brainstorming meeting conducted by Kasese Tourism Investors Forum(KTIF) in partnership with Kasese District Local Government and Kasese Municipal Council at Virina Gardens Hotel.

The stakeholder engagement meeting aimed at sharing information and receiving feedback of the published Rwenzori Theluji Festival which features the famous Mt. Rwenzori Tusker Lite Marathon and commitments to support a transition pathway for transforming Kasese into a sustainable tourism Destination.

The meeting further aimed at updating stakeholders on the key developments regarding tourism management in the district as well as explaining the Rwenzori Theluji Festival concept for stakeholders to internalise and act from an informed point of view.

Rev. Eng Gabriel Fataki, the organising chairperson of the Festival steering  Committee, said that the organizers are so ready to showcase the hidden gems in Kasese through the Rwenzori Theluji Festival and create opportunities as well.

“We are bringing big spenders during the festival, and it is upon you to tap their money into your pocket in exchange for a product or service,” Eng. Fataki said.

He also revealed that the 42km race has been shifted from Kilembe to Kikorongo (near the equator line) because during the first edition runners had to run two rounds to Kilembe to make 42km thus making it a half marathon.

“This time round runners will run from the marathon grounds at Stanely Street Kasese to Kikorongo where the green light monitoring chip will be placed and back to the grounds and this makes it a full marathon,” Eng. Fataki revealed.

He added that Kasese has a great tourism potential and less than 10% has been tapped.

During the engagement, Alex Masereka the Kasese District Planner assured the attendees of the local government’s readiness to support the setup of a state of the art sports training facility that will be funded by Hima Cement.

Dr. John Baguma one of the KTIF founding members revealed that the Rwenzori Theluji festival was ranked at 18% in Africa and number two in Uganda behind Nyege Nyege which ranks at 50% and Tooro’s Empaako Festival ranks at 12% making it 3rd in Uganda.

“In just one year we have a score of 18% and that means if we worked together the Theluji festival could probably score above that and in the near future top Uganda’s list,” Dr. Baguma said.

Kameli Zepha Bwambale, the youth representative at the KTIF board said that the Rwenzori Theluji Festival is a signature event that seeks to contribute to sustainable tourism as well as enhance inclusion in the tourism sector in Uganda.

Some of the participants during the engagement meeting

The Rwenzori Theluji festival will be held between 28th August and 3rd September 2023, and over 3,000 participants are expected.

The meeting attracted stakeholders including the Kasese District secretary for social services, Kasese Municipal Deputy mayor, Hotel owners & Managers, Tour Operators & Guides, Small-scale business owners, Journalists, Religious leaders among others.


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