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KTIF Launches Theluji Fest, Over 3,000 Elite Runners To Take Part


Kasese Tourism Investors Forum (KTIF) has officially kicked off a series of activities for the second edition of the Rwenzori Theluji festival which is set to happen in late August and early September this year.

The Rwenzori Theluji Festival is a signature event organised and managed by KTIF with an aim of marketing destination Kasese to the world. The festival features a globally recognized marathon, The Tusker Lite Mt Rwenzori Marathon, a Business Expo and Summit, Tree planting, the Theluji Carnival, Miss Tourism and a Cultural Biodiversity Exhibition.

Rev. Eng. Gabriel Fataki the chairperson of the national organizing committee steering the Festival revealed that the Tusker Lite Mt Rwenzori Marathon will attract up to 3,000 globally recognized elite runners. He said this while addressing the press yesterday morning at Virina Gardens Hotel in Kasese town ahead of the official launch of the festival.

Runners setting off during the 1 edition of the marathon. Courtesy Photo

“Standard Chartered Bank Kenya has sponsored 200 professional runners from Kenya to participate in the marathon and this shows how big it is getting,” Fataki said.

He also revealed that two weeks to the international marathon, the local community shall take part in a Mock Run on Saturday 19th August 2023 and this will prepare the local athletes to compete in the marathon.

“The mock run shall feature a 42KM run to Kikorongo (equator line) and back to Kasese town, a 21KM run to the Ruboni tourism village and back where as the 5KM community walk involves a hike to the top of the Kyapa Fataki Hill,” he revealed.

The Rwenzori Ranges. Photo by Famous Hikers

He adds; “The top 100 (50 from 42KM, 50 from 21KM) shall be sponsored into the Tusker Lite Mount Rwenzori Marathon in addition to receiving medals and certificates of participation”.

Baritazale Kule Benson the Chairman Board KTIF said that as the investors promote tourism in Kasese, the local community should open ways to ensure that the area is Clean, Green and welcoming.

Jovia Mbambu the Kasese District Tourism officer revealed that as preparatios for the 2nd edition kickoff, Kasese is set to host everyone as they celebrate the beauty of the Rwenzori.

“We have had a number of stakeholder engagements with the local community to set the ground and pace to have the best of it for Kasese,” Mbambu revealed.

She added that the local authority is doing this in a Public Private Partnership with the tourism fraternity to have a festival that promotes Rwenzori as a preferred tourism destination.

“We call upon everyone to be part of the festival, Rwenzori is safe and everything is moving on as we are setting it,” She said.

Mbambu added that, “All we are targeting is to have our citizens involved in the money economy tapping onto the tourism value chain”.

Important Dates
• Mock Run – 19th August 2023

• Joint Community Tree planting in the Kasese industrial park –  21st August 2023

• Business Exhibition – 27th August to 3rd September 2023

• Aerial Tourism  – 27th August to 3rd September 2023

• Mindset Change workshop – 31st August 2023

• Business Summit 1st September 2023

• Tusker lite Mt Rwenzori Marathon – 2nd September 2023


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