Home News “Let’s Wash Each Other’s Feet,” Bishop Kibiira Asks

“Let’s Wash Each Other’s Feet,” Bishop Kibiira Asks


“Jesus couldn’t wash the feet of all his people but by washing the feet of his disciples he washed us all,” Bishop Kibiira Kambale said during his Holy Thursday homily at Our lady of Assumption Kasese Catholic parish today evening.

The cleric said that by washing the feet of his disciples, Jesus was proving unconditional love to man kind and that’s what we ought to take on as God’s people.

“In Israel Washing the feet was a role for servants, people of low diginity but Jesus’s act teaches us to love, care and forgive our neighbors,” the Kasese diocese Bishop added.

He said; “Peter didn’t understand what Jesus was doing while he washed his feet forgetting Jesus was here to wash our hearts and cleanse our sins”.

About Holy Thursday.
In his preaching, Bishop Kibiira said that Holy Thursday marks the start of a three day long celebration which ends on Holy Saturday during the Easter Virgil mass.

“During the three days we celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These days are for us to pray and repent our sins,” he noted.

He added that on the last supper we remember three occasions and that is
the sacrament of Eucharist, the sacrament of ordination and the commandment of loving one another.


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