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Mental Health: Be Grateful and Appreciate What You Have

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One would prefer to define mental health in their own way and this rotates around an active state of mind and the ability for a person to coordinate with the universe.

Mental health is pivotal in human life and crucial in determining how you live and associate with others.

In the recent statistics released by the Ministry of Health and Uganda Counselling Association, it was established that around 14 million Ugandans suffer from a form of mental disorder and it is likely that the figures could have since increased given the timeframe difference.

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Uganda among the top 6 African countries in depressive disorders 4.6% (Miller et al., 2020), while 2.9% live with anxiety disorders. The world health body also revealed that about 5.1% of females and 3.6% of males are affected.

Wafula Bolton Malik a YouTuber (The Bolton Show) and Mental health activist attributes the increasing mental health issues to  society norms. He says people have assumed that at a certain stage in life you are supposed to have achieved a thing or two and failure to achieve this you are looked at a loser.

“Our societies assume that by your late 20’s you should be married, have a family and living  a happy life,” Wafula said.

He adds that failure to achieve as per the society’s perspective, many young people have  fallen into the depression trap.

Wafula says, it is surprising to see young people loosing themselves just because they do not hold specific phone brands they see on social media.

“Social media brings up us comparing ourselves to others whose conditions we do not know about in addition to copying lifestyles that are not even part of us,” Wafula said.

There is a lot of relationship drama among the youths and he believes it has also contributed to the depression issues among young people. Economic burnouts can also not be ignored because people are hustling to live life.

The YouTuber advises that people should learn to be grateful and appreciate what they have.

“People are depressed because they try to keep up with life trends forgetting that the universe has plans for them. Forget about the social media noise, find what you love and focus on that,” he shared.

He however says, healing zeros down to the victim and if the victim isn’t ready to heal, the healing won’t happen because he/she has decided to be part of the problem.

About opening up to friends, Wafula warns that even when everyone is going to tell you to talk to someone, be mindful that people have loose mouths and are untrustworthy.

“You can talk to someone but it is likely to backfire because keeping secrets is like a taboo to some people. They no longer care about ones privacy”.

Be the source of your happiness, celebrate life and have no regrets.

Watch some inspiring videos by Wafula https://youtube.com/@bolton_ug


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