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Opinion: The Right to A Clean and Healthy Environment

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Article 39 of the Constitution of Uganda states that “Every Ugandan has a right to a clean and healthy environment”.

Ugandans within urban set ups have been denied the right to a clean and healthy environment and this is evident by the uncontrolled dumping of waste that is attributed to the constantly growing population & urbanization.

The dense population in city centers contributes to the big amounts of generated wastes from technological innovations in the agricultural sector, industrialization, mining and domestic activities.

Solid Wates, E-wastes, and other types of wastes frustrate the environment and destroy ecosystems such as wetland ecosystems, aquatic lake ecosystems and land.

Plastic wastes such as HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and PTE (Polyethylene terephthalate) are the most hazardous and common in our communities.

When plastic wastes are not managed well, they can mix with soil thus reducing its fertility and the large volume of plastics deposited into sea affects the aquatic life and quality of sea water.

Luckily, me and you can make a decision as a community to reduce all these impacts. How? By adopting eco-friendly industrialization methods in which solid waste generation can be regulated through encouraging Re-Use, Recycling and finally proper disposal of what cannot be Re-Used.

The growing concern about adopting eco-friendly and cost-effective human activities can be approached systematically through Solid waste management, Separating different types of waste components, Recycling and proper disposal of wastes by land filling or land spreading as an ultimate fate of all solid wastes.

The implementation of this systematic approach can start from everyone’s household and not waiting for the local leaders and local government entities.

Together we can retrieve our right to a clean and healthy environment.

The Writer is an Environmentalist (Solid waste management)


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