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Rwenzori Theluji Festival Mock Run Routes; Here is What You Need to Know


The Rwenzorimail has learnt that there has been changes in the Rwenzori Theluji festival community biodiversity run routes as earlier communicated.

The Community Run is set to happen on Saturday, 19th August 2023, 6:00AM at Rwenzori Square, Kasese Municipality.

Eng. Rev. Gabriel Fataki the National Chairperson of the Theluji Festival revealed that the changes in route maps were made due to technical reasons as guided by the district sports officials.

Dr. John Baguma the Coordinator Kasese Tourism Investors Forum (KTIF) noted that the start point remains Rwenzori Square for all the categories.

• 42km is from Rwenzori square to Mihunga gate(Rwenzori Mountains National Park) and back.
• 21 km from Rwenzori Square to kilembe katiri and back.
• The 5KM Fataki Hill walk challenge remains as earlier communicated. Starting from Rwenzori Square through Katadoba.

He added that there shall be a community walk starting from the square to the Kasese industrial park for tree a planting exercise.

The Mock Run will be happening 2 weeks before the Tuskerlite Mt. Rwenzori International Marathon and this is intended to give room to local runners to prepare.

Why Participate in The Mock Run;

The top 100 runners i.e 50 from 42KM, 50 from 21KM shall be sponsored into the TuskerLite Mt Rwenzori Marathon on top of receiving medals and certificates of participation.

Additionally runners will be awarded as follows;


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