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Top Night Life Spots In Kasese Town


As the Rwenzori Theluji Festival 2023 activities kickoff, there are a series of events lined up to happen day in day out and it is anticipated that thousands of runners / party goers will be temporary residents of Kasese.

Night life is one of the experiences that most revellers lookout for as they take a break off work and other responsibilities. ‘Enjoyment ku Enjoyment’ as they call it, is the order of the night until the break of the dawn.

From the legendary Club one Mariana to the new baby Elephant lounge; here’s our list of the coolest night life spots in Kasese right now.

1. Skyz Lounge

Opened in July 2022, Skyz Lounge has quickly  become one of the town’s hottest spots for nights out.

Located on plot 10 crescent road a few meters off Kilembe road, Skyz features a state of the art sound system, a fully stocked bar and their latest introductions being the Four Seasons Restaurant and Executive Accommodation.

Their theme night programming includes;
– Mid Week Wahala (Wednesday)
– Made In Kasese
– ChopLife Fridays.
– Vibes on Vibes Saturdays and
– Mpolla enjoyments every Sunday.

These themes are headlined by incredible Deejays with incredible mixes.

2. Rwenzori Auto Spa and Lounge

Strategically located in the heart of Kasese town, Rwenzori Auto spa offers unbeatable Bar and restaurant services which is unmatched anywhere else.

For one interested in having a taste of the Rwenzori Coffee, Auto spa is the right place for you.

Additionally, the spot offers Jet car wash services making it easy for party goers to access the service as they sip and enjoy the ambiance.

Their state of the art health club/gym is a place to be for the fitness lovers.

3. Elephant Lounge – Kasese

This is a planned kid in the Kasese night life space and has grown too fast to match the trend.

This hangout runs a fully functional bar, a restaurant, and above all, a chill atmosphere to relieve job stress; Their service team works to the dot and a minute at elephant is worth it.

Premier Thursday Music Expo is one of their theme nights and is hosted by Kasese’s Sweet Barbie and Freeborn Sula.

Elephant Lounge is located along the Kasese – Fort Portal road a few meters from the main roundabout next to Petro city.

4. Mariana Tavern Bar & Grill

Despite the name changes, the legendary Mariana is one of the old boys still standing in the Kasese Night life space.

Her classmates the likes of Club Atlas, Club Chocolate are all history after they succumbed to an unknown pandemic.

As a nightlife veteran, Mariana runs about three bar areas and a VIP treatment in their VIP Lounge.

Located on Stanley Street just adjacent to the Lions Gardens.

5. Legends Bar and Grill

Situated near Mawa market in Kasese Municipality, Legends Bar is an urban corporate hangout zone where party people meet to unwind.

This hangout offers a fully functional bar, a restaurant, and above all, a state of the art facility.

Their night lineup is programmed as follows;
– Bucket night
– Thirsty Thursday
– TGIF with Tuskerlite promotion featuring Dj Shidy
– Vibes on Vibes on Saturdays and
– Sunday Night Movie.
Legends also hosts a monthly corporate night(Mid Month).

6. Silver Nest Cafe
Formerly known as Silver Springs Bar, Silver Nest is another must visit Nightlife hangout spot in Kasese town.

The hangout is known for hosting top acts like Mc Mariachi, Fille among others.

It is located along the Kasese – Fortportal highway a few meters from Kobil Petrol Station (Delta).

7. J’s Ice cream and Drinks Spot

Known for the best Ice cream in town, J’s is slowly but surely penetrating the Kasese Night life space.

The spot serves both hard and soft drinks with coffee being their latest beverage introduced.

A snack bar is also open to serve a wide variety of fast foods such as The Ugandan Rolex, Pizza and pastries.

Acoustic Crush Mondays is one of their theme nights as they host live acoustic band sessions. They also host live performances on selected days.

And that ends our list of the top night life spots in Kasese town.

There are more interesting bars and clubs to visit in Kasese such as Another Life Bar, New Kanu na Kali, Hi Five Masappe and Leisure Pub among so many others.

What is life without Night life?



  1. I am very humbled and i do respect u mr gonzaga for the real research that u made in the home of rwenzori about night life…respect to u…n a salute to u sir


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