the underside of the war in Ukraine

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Jean Lopez and Michel Goya, in May 2023. Franck Ferville for Le Figaro Magazine

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPTS – In an unpublished and gripping book of which we publish long excerpts exclusively, the two great war historians Michel Goya and Jean Lopez dissect in a dense and deep dialogue the conflict which has set Eastern Europe ablaze for fifteen months.

One is a former naval colonel and author of noted historical essays: Adapt to win, The Winners. How France won the Great War, The Time of the Cheetahs, etc. A fine connoisseur of the French army, he is one of the best contemporary military experts, and delivers brilliant analyzes in specialized journals and on continuous news channels.

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The other, editor of the journal Wars and Historyis a specialist in Russian and Soviet military history, and has authored or co-authored books that have been bestsellers: Barbarossa, Zhukov, Hitler’s Last Hundred Days, World War II Infographic, etc

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A few months after the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Michel Goya and Jean Lopez began to exchange their views, thoughts and questions on the unprecedented conflict that was hitting Europe. What were the true origins of this war? Why did almost no one believe…

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