Walmart confirms fan favorite drink will not return to stores – as customers say it was ‘one of the best’

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WALMART has issued some disappointing news for juice-lovers.

The retailer confirmed that they are not bringing its Grapette grape soda back.


Walmart has issued some disappointing news for juice-lovers[/caption]


The retailer announced they are pulling the Grapette grape soda off their shelves[/caption]

The sweet, soft drink was first produced back in 1939, and has been a popular refreshment ever since.

Walmart headed to their Twitter account to deliver the update.

“Hello there. It appears that Grapette grape soda has been discontinued,” the company wrote.

The big-box department store assured there were plenty of other similar products to choose from.

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“We do offer other delicious brands of grape soda. Please click on the link to check them out:,” they added.

But at least one shopper was devastated by the news.

No disrespect, but Grapette’s one of the bests,” they tweeted in response.

The added that their local store’s offerings did not have anything that could match the grape-flavored soda.

The store is the latest to refuse to bring back a customer favorite.

Dunkin’ Donuts recently revealed that it the Thin Mint Flavor Swirl is gone for good.

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“We appreciate your DD passion!” wrote Dunkin’. 

“We sometimes offer menu items for a limited time tied to key holidays, or as a seasonal offering!

“At this time, we don’t have any plans to bring back the Thin Mint Flavor Swirl, but we’ll make sure to pass along your feedback.”

It also scrapped its beloved Dunkaccino earlier this week.

Source: The US Sun