We built a tiny home with 11 windows, two lofts, and a galley kitchen for $55,000 and sold it for $98k

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A COUPLE built a dream tiny home and sold it for thousands after their business collapsed in lockdown.

Taylor and Michella McClendon decided to build a tiny home and sell it for a profit.


The couple built the dreamy tiny home in Hawaii[/caption]


The home features 11 windows, two lofts, and a galley kitchen[/caption]

The McClendons had moved from Colorado to Hawaii in order to start a wedding photography business.

When Covid-19 hit, the family was forced to look for other means to make a living.

Although they continue to run their wedding company, jobs were naturally harder to come by during the pandemic.

They decided to build a 356-square-foot tiny home and sell it for a profit.

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In just 25 working days, they managed to create a gorgeous home, complete with 11 windows, two lofts, and a gallery kitchen.

The project cost $55,000 in total, according to Insider.

They then managed to sell the property for an impressive $98,000.

The home is airy and doesn’t feel ‘tiny’ whatsoever.

“Before you even step through, you can see into the whole house from the outside,” Taylor told Insider.

“When you’re stepping in, I didn’t want you to feel claustrophobic,” he continued.

In the living room, a hidden ladder leads to a small loft that can act as a bedroom or office space. 

“We wanted our home to stand out and be unique so that little design is our special feature,” Taylor elaborated.

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“We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen or really close to the kitchen because we love food, so we wanted the living room and kitchen to feel connected,” Taylor continued.

There is also a loft bedroom, typical of tiny homes, with space for a queen-sized bed.

The McClendon’s told Insider that they sold the house to a couple in Hawaii, who “absolutely love it.”


The project cost the couple $55,000[/caption]

Source: The US Sun